As you finished your practice for the day, you realize that your drums and your drumsticks seemed a bit dirty. Well, it’s a good thing you have something to clean your drum kit well good and prepared. After all, you need some tools to properly clean your drums from their nook and cranny because you need your drums to be in their good condition so that they can still function as you use them. At some point, your drums need some love. However, there are some other drummers prefer to leave their drums where they are, some just simply wipe using a cloth, but if you feel like your baby needs some tender loving care then it is time to take out the big guns.


You need to know how to maintain the good condition and the cleanliness of your drums. You don’t want them to get all dusty and dirty, now do you? Here’s the proper way to carefully clean and handling your drums.

● Disassemble your drums, and carefully handle the bolts and nails so you don’t want to lose them.
● Inspect the pieces of your drum and start cleaning. Be sure to check if there are any dust and oily grease around the metal.
● Check if there’s grease. If you spotted the grease use wax to wipe them.
● Apply some polish wax on the metal pieces to make it shine. If you remove all the grease wax can help make the metal bits look shiny and healthy to look at.

This is how you simply clean your drum parts carefully and diligently. After all, some of the parts are fragile and if you are not handling these parts carefully then it will be quite a mess.


But as you clean your drums and you notice that there’re some broken issues here and there then you must quickly find someone who knows how to fix your drums. Find someone who’s an expert in fixing musical instruments. If you are not good with yourself, then let the professionals do their magic work.

Be sure to inspect your drums thoroughly as you clean and wipe them with a clean rug and some wax. Because you never know what else that you’ve missed. And as you disassemble the parts make sure that all the parts are well in order, you don’t want them to be missing, right? For having your drums properly cleaned, they will be in good condition, and the instrument won’t be on the verge of in disrepair for neglect might be one of the reasons why musical instruments won’t last and lose its tune.