Everyone with a dream to play the drum must put a hard time practicing. Playing drums is not easy. One should take time and effort to familiarize each beat. You should in tune with the song you want to play. Synchronize every beat of the song for you to have a better result. You should not overpower the other instrument. Be in a way that every beat the drums do, it will accompany the song you play. Why should everyone practice before playing instruments? As what everyone says, Practice makes perfect. Yes, one should practice becoming perfect. Here are five keys for you to have a hint on how everyone starts playing drums:


First, familiarize each beat. Every part of the drum has its beat or tune. You should memorize which part has a higher tone and which part does the lower tone. Yeah, it takes time. You have to be patient in doing this.

Second is timing. It is very important thing in playing drums. You should play the drums on its timing. You can’t play according to your mood. Be professional enough it dealing with this matter. Play a song that has an easy beat for you to practice. Don’t be in a rush because no one is catching you. At the end of the day, surely you have already learned something.

Third is practice. You already know how to timing. Then, that’s the time that you will practice. Slowly but surely. Don’t bother that you are too slow, but always remember that you have learned something. Seize every moment every practice you have. Practice and practice until you master it.

Fourth, enjoy. Don’t be too serious, and that your face has already wrinkles. Learn to enjoy in playing drums because it will reflect on how you play the drums. Play as if it is your concert and many are watching you. Be yourself and give the best you can.


Fifth, play in a crowd. In this, your confidence will be measured. Your dream of being a drummer starts in here. Fit yourself in.

It’s not hard as you think. Easy way and easy to do. Just take your time and don’t easily discourage. Just keep on learning. Remember, only you can benefit what you have tried to do. It’s your desire to this things. There’s no harm in trying. Be courageous and don’t let anyone ruined your dreams. Dream and aim high!