Lately, people find drums an instrument with a low social standing in the musical community. Well, not the musical players, no, never them, they understand the true importance of the drums and its role in the music world. It is the audience, these people, who viewed the drums as the most unpopular instrument to play with. People already find playing the guitar attractive and cool, because it usually associate as the leader, or the instrument was the lead singer uses. The electric guitar, or the normal guitar, has gained a lot of popularity over the years while the drums are slowly leaving behind in the dust.


It is not just the guitar that has robbed of the value of the drums, no, even the piano has gained attention, unlike the drums. Maybe, it is because drums are normally arranged in such a way that they usually hidden, or were placed to stand behind from the other band members. Out of sight and out of mind, as they say. So, all of their focus are on the stage and not the back.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons, why people prefer any other instrument besides drums. Not only it is not the most popular instrument to use but it is also an instrument to be forgotten. But of course, there are other people who see it differently. They are many people who know the real potential in playing drum. The drums can bring out the balance to all the other music by giving the players the right beat. You cannot deny that whenever you hear a musical song or an album you can clearly distinctly hear drumming sounds in the background, and how they blend with the other music.


It is such a shame that most of the people’s mindset find that drums are not as interesting as the piano, the violin or the guitar. This causes the drummers to be put on a low viewpoint. People tend to forget drummers and their role as the player that plays the drums. It is frustrating to see and believe that the drums are nothing to them. However, not everybody thinks the same way, as long as they are other people who don’t share the same sentiment then there’s still hope for drummers and their drums to prove to the others that they are worth something in the world.