Music is one of your go-to backups during your highs and lows in life. May it be when you feel happy or most especially when you feel that the world is so against you, you all tend to end up sitting on a chair, getting your earphones or speakers, turning the volume up to an earsplitting extent, and voila you are in your own worlds. You all need that sometimes, and it’s healthy.


Now, imagine yourself in a music hall or any music clubs where you went to see your latest band infatuation. The vocalist sings with an overflowing pride, the guitarist’s energetically plucking those strings, but there was something missing then and there; the tempo to be sped up by the fury of drumbeats.
Yes, the drums.

How will you consider a band without this percussion? How will you regard music without the existence of this musical instrument?
There are 3 reasons as to why you should consider this instrument as the most fundamental instrument of all:

1. You are all drummers

Have you observed people, or even yourself, whenever you listen to tracks (especially, rock genres) and that you tend to tap your fingers on a desk? That is reflex right there, folks! This means you are generally all born drummers. Also, try remembering those days when you and your high school buddies sang to this and that songs but you don’t have savings to purchase those expensive gizmos. Mind that you don’t have a guitar, a violin, nor a piano, so you had to look for the most natural alternative gear you got there; yes, the desk-drumming.

2. It releases stress

Perhaps you have got an idea with this one. This will be the time when you want to punch someone on the face, or break some furniture which cost more or less half of your wage. What a waste! But instead of wasting your time acting so wasted by breaking all your plates and vases, why not let that anger out through beating the drums. Plus you’ll get the incentive of being able to learn a new beat or something, right?

3. It livens up the mood

Unlike the other instruments, the drums can be both static and changeable. What do I mean? The drums are rolled by the drummer, which means the drummer can manage the tempo of the instrument; may it be bickering or calming. However, this doesn’t mean that guitars (acoustic) and pianos aren’t played as such but perchance you have observed that those instruments somehow sound the same no matter what the mood is. But when it comes to drums, if it fails all else follows.


Now in regards with the abovementioned key strengths of the drums, would you still force yourself not to notice those coolly designed drum sets in the malls? Would you still forbid your children (if you have) to play the drums? Would you rather beat the drum or beat a person?
Let’s make music happen. Let’s drop some bombs with our drums.