As a musician, you notice that every musical instrument has a purpose or role when creating glorious music. The piano brings smooth, haunting melodic sound; the electric guitar can bring a wild, metallic music but the drums can bring out a good sassy beat that your audience and yourself couldn’t help but follow the rhythm. Playing the drum can bring out the best in you.


You will realize that when to play the drum you feel confident and self-assured. Playing the drum can bring the greatest pleasure both intellectually and physically. You will be surprised how fast your reflex is and when playing the drums can bring your IQ at best level because your brain has to think very fast to reach the level of drumstick skills that you want to accomplish.

Here some of the best things about being an awesome drummer if you are planning on buying a drum.

1. The tone and music. You are a musician lover, and you love to create beautiful music. This is what the drums can do. It can give you a good solid foundation that will help all the musical players come together and perform in good harmony. The tone, the pacing, and the music will be achieved and it all thanks to the drums, without the drums it will never be complete.
2. Self-discipline and patience. As you learn to play drums, it takes time and patience to make some decent music out of it. Bashing your drumsticks on the drums maybe a good start but as you practice you will making a decent song in no time.
3. Discovery. As you learn and train, and the more you practice you will discover new things about yourself. You’ve become confident, happy and your social skills are improving. You are not the only one who shares the same taste in music.


4. And the fun times. And in the end, you will be having fun because this is what you do. You love music and you just simply love drums.

With these reasons, buying a drum as your first musical instrument won’t be such a bad choice. Why? Because anything you can do can happen. You will meet your band, and the friends will make will be with you in all the times. As a drummer, it holds an important role in the band. Without the drums there’s no beat, without the beat, there’s no good music. You can find the best drum sets for kids 2017.